With the recent scandals of child abuse plaguing the Church friend who is skeptical of the Church said, faith in God, doubt in Men.  Another friend sympathetic to the Church argued that the Church has always had sinners right from the beginning who will always stain her cloak. We need to give credence where due […]

Here at this video, the writer (of the script) tries to argue that the arguments of the ban in legalization don’t hold up. They don’t, really? Watch it and read my views Here is my point to point rebuttal on it. Argument 1:Prohibition will not lead to less psychosis but more. When a beverage is […]

I was reading up on one of my currently favourite contemporary philosophers, J. Budziszewski. His name is so difficult to pronounce and spell that it even adds to his glamour of being a professional philosopher. Down at his blog on the Underground Thomist, some bloke asks the question: Why drag God into Natural Law? I read along to […]

Its 2018 and we’re all against slavery. Only that some people are more against certain slavery or certain slavery practiced in certain nations where it pays to keep talking about it and not really being against slavery to truly eradicate it. Just enough to receive political dividends. I watched a video by the Atlantic about […]

After I wrote this post on how a happy divorce is feigned to be like, a friend asked, what possibility did people have than to suffer in silence all their lives in an unhappy marriage. This made me think? Why do marriages turn sour? What must be a marriage? Do marriages really turn sour or […]

I would say, the real test is what response the work in question is trying to elicit? Is it asking us to appreciate the beauty of God’s creation, which is seen in the human form, or is it designed to arouse, and to awaken our lowest instincts? The beauty test is key. Art is beautiful, […]

Humanism is love of mankind leaving aside God. In a way, it is replacing God with another god – a man, a faceless man called humanity. The question we could ask ourselves is: is it possible to love our neighbor without God. Of course we could be ‘nice’ to each other but even that begs […]